About Us

Newport School first came to Santander in 2014 with a mission to offer innovative education at the preschool, elementary, and high school levels. We seek to develop and enhance our students' cognitive, social, and personal abilities, as well as their natural talents through science, art, and technology; all within a bilingual research environment aligned with the needs of our modern knowledge-based society.

Our History

Our mission is to develop and enhance our students' abilities through science, art, and technology.

Preschool student reading

As education pioneers in Santander, we have been recognized for the innovation of our learning methodology.

Our learning methodology earned us a first place ranking in the standardized Saber Tests for Calendar A 3rd grade, and 3rd place overall in Santander in 2017. In the same year, the Bucaramanga Chamber of Commerce awarded us the Santander Innovators Prize in education for our "Classroom Projects" proposal, which seeks to maintain children's interest in knowledge and continuous learning.

As part of a mission to create a better world through better schools, Redcol offers online educational platforms customized for the interests of each family. Newport School is centered on the human being, where the aquisition of knowledge is equal in importance to the attainment of abilities and attitudes; and where learning and happiness go hand in hand.

We are a member of Redcol, the leading educational network in Colombia.