Pedagogical strategy

Providing knowledge and key skills to take on the challenges of the 21st century is the central purpose of our educational methodology.

Our educational proposition is founded on the sociological premise that education is a powerful tool to create positive change in the world. That's why, at Newport, we understand that our greatest commitment is to help prepare children to meet the new challenges that they will face in the future.

Pedagogical focus

We help students develop thinking skills through direct exploration experiences, inquiry, and research.

We seek for our students to recognize the interrelationships between the subjects they study and the world around them, for them to be able to adapt to new situations, and to combine their knowledge with practical and social intelligence to solve real-life problems for their own lives, and for those of others.

Projects make learning visible

Our values


We reinforce your children's education by working directly with you, the family. We know that students enjoy the learning experience more when a parent attends the project closing events (exit points).


Our project-based learning (PBL) methodology challenges students to become the leaders of their own learning by undertaking projects that resolve their own problems.


Every project and lesson is focused on solving real-life problems at the regional, national, and world levels. Our students grow with a global perspective that encourages their sense of critical thinking and research to create solidarity, respect, and empathy for the diversity that they will encounter in their daily lives.


We identify the abilities of every student, explore their talents, and build upon their capabilities to help them create a healthy sense of their own selves; all in the understanding that we are all unique within society.


We implement a teaching model that motivates students and helps them relate to their environment through real-life projects, working to creatively solve the challenges introduced during the academic period.


A Newport student is: sensitive, perservering, critical-thinking and inquisitive, involved and social, and has an excellent self concept.

We integrate technology as a learning tool.

At Newport School, we integrate technology into our classes, making it part of the way that students construct new knowledge while also enjoying the learning process.

 primary school students working on computers in the ICT room at Alarcón campus
 Elementary school boy looking at plants with a magnifying glass at Newport School Country Headquarters

Classroom projects to interact with the world.

We strongly believe that our teaching model invites students to research and think critically; and creates the desire to discover, challenge, suggest, and finally express in multiple languages their thoughts and arguments.

We are A Great Place to Study

We are proud to hold the GREAT PLACE TO STUDY certification, making us the first educational institution in Santander, the first outside of Bogotá, and only the ninth in Colombia to obtain this international recognition.

We are a school focused on the development of our students as well-rounded human beings with cognitive, athletic, artistic, musical, and above all, human skills; including teamwork and empathy. Our students are the leaders of their own learning!

We are "Human Centered"

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